Michael Oleksy


Director of Operations

New York City



Thanks for taking the opportunity to connect with me about these roles at Moody’s. I’ve found that Moody’s is very much aligned to my personal core values:

- Principled - I am driven daily to act with integrity to make a positive impact

- Inclusive - I believe better decisions are always made with input and opinions many.

- Collaborative - Working across boundaries will alway bring a better mix of people to deliver the best outcome.

- Forward Thinking - In order for one to stay relevant, I am driven by a contrast review and focus on what is occurring tomorrow. This trickles down to our customers, communities and environments.

- Rigorous - Our knowledge and excellence enables us to hold myself to the highest standard daily.

Given Moody’s is a company with such a long history of leadership in this industry, I consider myself an innovator and I would love to work for an organization that’s leading the future of the industry

This role very much aligns with experiences I’ve had in my career to this point. I was a Product Owner at both Thomson Reuters and S&P. With experiences at both, I was able to build my knowledge and become a Product Manager that could run applications firm-wide and global.

While at Thomson Reuters, I was a Product Owner but on a smaller level. The Product I owner was utilized by about 1000 employees. The budget was on the smaller side but we were mature with regards to Managing it and Development lifecycle.

While at S&P, I was in charge of 3 globally used applications all with separate development cycles. I was an Agile leader on many projects. Each application had budgets, database integration engineers, application developers, consultants, Knowledge Management, and training groups. I owned and managed the coordination across each team. We published metrics to ensure that the products meet and exceed client’s expectations. From a project perspective, I played every part -- Product Owner, SME, Scum Master, Champion, Coach, and Project Manager. I helped the firm conduct analysis so we could understand what the best decision is. Additionally as part of my job,

On it face, its easy for me to say I’ve had experience in these areas, but in reality, I’ve done much more in my career then my resume could possible say. At S&P, I was kind of like the Swiss army knife of the Operations group. When things needed to be done, I was brought in. These additional experiences will ensure that is clear you are getting someone with varied experiences who is ready for anything that one is asked to take on.

For example, I stood the company up during Hurricane Sandy. At the time, I was the Head of a Team of Process and Data experts that ensured Ratings were delivered in a timely and accurate manner. The organization needed folks that could manage the support and disruption of 4000 laptops. It also needed 6 walk in centers put around the NYC tri-state area. I was on the ground from Day 1 and we were the first Ratings Agency delivering Ratings from Friday after the storm.

I've created three teams, managed and owned 3 systems, managed up to 28 people and managed a 15 million dollar project which was successfully deliver in advance of the completion date.

My goal is to find a new role in which I can contribute to an exciting/forward-thinking/fast-moving company, and I feel I can do so with my expertise, drive and passion.

I’m so excited for the opportunity to meet with additional Moody’s colleagues and possibly work for Moody’s.


2019 May - Present
RocketStar Consulting / New York, NY
2008 Jun - 2019 Apr
Director, In-Business Control
S&P Global Ratings / New York, NY

New York, NY June 2008 - April 2019

S&P Global Ratings is the world's leading provider of independent credit ratings which are essential to driving growth, providing transparency, and helping educate market participants so they can make decisions with confidence.

Director, In-Business Control

Directed a 3-member team of business control experts driving technical and process direction enterprise wide.

Served as agile project leader, product owner and team trainer.

§ Responsible for championing product ownership and delivering of a $13M agile-based access control compliance system project transforming more than 100 applications ensuring controlled data and functionality control and non-public information compliance.

§ Product owner and manager for three global ratings applications including budget, backlog, and development ownership.

§ Instrumental in successfully implementing over 55 various regulatory and audit requests, and action plans resulting in on-time delivery.

Director, Global Operations, Data Stewardship

Held full responsibility for the development and day-to-day management of a 20-member global first-level support team providing expert application support to more than 5K internal stakeholders. Served as Data

Governance Leader, Risk Management Head, Data Analyst and Data Owner for the rating applications roster and various ratings league tables.

§ Owned and managed several data league tables

§ Managed content data model for several processes, develop new collection and integration process for content, and managed the communication for all changes to all stakeholders

§ Coordinated the implementation and support for over 100 internally developed applications supporting the needs of over 70 different resolver groups.

§ Defined, implemented, and maintained a robust suite of technology standards, policies, procedures, support metrics and reports ensuring regulatory compliance.

§ Developed and managed three highly customized case management software systems, completing

300 enhancements, and enabling the centralization and management of system interactions.

§ Designed and implemented an enterprise-wide centralized support and service model system enabling the addition of more than 100 model and platform applications with more than 35K monthly user queries.

§ Implemented an enterprise-wide document management portal and document tagging, cataloging and taxonomy process system to manage hundreds-of-thousands of digital documents while maintaining best practices.

§ Recruited and led a global team of more than 30 cross-trained operations support experts through the implementation of a 24-hour, 5-day a week follow-the-sun support model ensuring support and accountability for more than 9K world-wide users.

§ Implemented a re-engineered ratings-wide onboarding project increasing process timeliness, accuracy, and accountability.

§ Created a new digital librarian role and recruited a 3-member digital librarian team tasked with owning the library tagging project to create taxonomy and to tag hundreds-of-thousands of documents.

§ Spearheaded the coordination of a full disaster recovery effort as a result of hurricane Sandy bringing the organization back to 100% operation capacity within 4-days through the development of six processes and eight walk-in support centers to assist staff and external teams.

2003 Aug - 2008 Jun
Senior Data Account Manager
Reuters / White Plains, NY

White Plains, NY August 2003 - June 2008

Reuters is the world's leading provider of news and information-based tools to professionals.

Senior Data Account Manager

WEALTH MANAGEMENT: Responsible for initiating and maintaining strategic relationships with assigned accounts including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, and Lehman

Brothers. Additionally, lead 16 focus group accounts and was first point of contact for strategic data initiatives and data changes which increased the revenue by $3M year-over-year.

§ Drove the escalation and resolution of the strategic issues by interfacing with internal resources providing customers and internal groups with timely updates on content issues.

§ Built strong relationships with other organizational client facing groups including account managers, data specialists, support, and data source owners both locally and globally.

§ Re-engineered twelve underperforming processes within 6-months increasing company-wide performance productivity, time, and accuracy by more than 20%.

§ Maintained strategic major account relationships through the collection of critical-to-quality feedback producing more than $5M in revenue annually

Senior Analyst Transactions and Corporate Actions Team

Led a 12-member global data analyst expert team and was responsible for the maintenance of data flow from exchanges and conducting required operations to process incoming data through proper tools and applications

§ Provided and implemented strategies for continuous quality improvement driving data quality as the highest priority.

§ Responsible for development and implementation of comprehensive tools and strategies to improve

Data collection, processing and operations.

§ Developed an 8 week training plan and spent 8 months in India training newly hired team members.

§ Key role in the budget planning ensuring project and department milestones and goals were met on time while adhering to approved budgets.

§ Created solid and transparent processes for taking on assignments and managing projects as well as ad-hoc work.

§ Identified, developed, and controlled internal and external data sources for business analysis maintaining a data warehouse for ease of reporting.

§ Presented insights and recommendations to senior management and clients for decision making and strategic planning.

§ Created and presented professional and effective presentations to management, as well as to clients, boiling down complex analysis into easy to understand and actionable points that can be leveraged to improve business outcomes.


Baruch College
Bachelor / Finance, International Business

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree Finance Baruch College

New York, NY

University of Connecticut
Masters of Business Administration / Finance

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Finance University of Connecticut

Stamford, CT